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0-4 years - International sibling class, Music and movement

Does your child love to sing the songs from ”vuggestuen” or ”børnehaven”?
Are you eager to sing with your child and learn the Danish songs?

At the international music and movement class at Aarhus Musikskole you and your children will learn music in a playful atmosphere and sing some of the Danish children’s song, but the teaching will be in English.
The sibling class allows you to bring all of your children to the same class, instead of attending several different classes during the week. It is a nice opportunity to spend quality time with your family while joining a group of international families.
When kids at different ages (0-4 years) are playing with music, things do happen! There is a lot of activity and the youngest will copy and learn from the oldest.
We will be singing, dancing, jumping, running and spinning. Drumming, clapping and playing. We will be playing with scarfs, balls, parachute and soap bubbles. We will also have restful moments with calm songs.
When children and parents have shared musical experiences in class as well as at home the children will develop their musical skills, their social and motor skills – and learn more Danish.

Due to the space and balance between children and adults in the room, only one adult per child can participate. One adult may participate with more siblings.
When: International sibling class - Tuesdays at. 15:15 -16:00 (August 14, 2018 - Juni 25, 2019)
Price: 1.890 kr. for the entire period + 100 kr. registration fee.
You get sibling discount if siblings attends the same course.


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