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Preventive music interventions for social change

Primary target group Schoolstarters


Orchestra inspired music teaching and aesthetic reflection in the class-room of all municipal schools,
to improve all children's, and especial challenged children's, liveability skills.


To make strong learning communities by teaching common livability skills to all school starters mediated by
music and astehetic reflection.


In 2021 we will have knowledge, inspiration, exsperiences and ideas. All capacities that makes us
ready to create realistic transferabel models and didactic concepts to disseminate to all primary schools.

Our transfer travel

During the two years jouney we will try to align policies, interventions and funding’s.
We will put up road signs, make navigation cards, improve our travel skills
for future rethink, retry, remake and re-activating development adventures.
We will make a travel kit and guide-courses for new helpers.

Our 5 values:

  • Children are more alike than different
  • Children are local and global citizens
  • Children are born musical and creative
  • Children have the right to create expressions and imprint
  • Professionals are never finished practicing