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Aarhus Music School

One of the largest music schools in the country is situated in Aarhus. Aarhus Music School - Aarhus Musikskole in Danish - offers classes in the school's main building Officersbygningen in the centre of the city and in many of the local public and private schools throughout the municipality.
Aarhus Music School offers classes in endless varieties: all instruments (more or less), singing lessons, music groups for kids 0-5 years old, music workshops for older kids, choirs, orchestras, band academy, and much more. 130 of the area's best qualified educators teach our 3000 students. We teach on all levels and our students are of all ages - 0 to 80 years old. Most students receive lessons on a weekly basis. 

In Aarhus Music School students get to be part of a musical community. A creative and inspirational environment, in which students have the possibility to explore music in all its aspects. We are known for our high quality education and also for our extraordinary activities like the World Music Center, the band academy Grobund, cross-cultural projects, and the elite course MGK-Ø

Getting started

Have a look at our prices below and we then suggest that you give us a call, and let us help you find the right class for you. 

Phone: +45 89 40 99 21. (Office hours are: Monday: 10-15; Tuesday-Thursday: 9-15; Friday: 9-14)


Prices are listed in categories here


The most important regulations are:
The tuition fee is paid three times per year: 20th of October, January, and April.
All students are charged 100 DKK covering copyright fees.
Prices apply to students 0-24 years old living in Aarhus Kommune.

Link to regulations in full